electric bicyclea e bike 800w 48v12.8ah lithium battery 26 inch ebike bike folding mountain for adults folding Foldable


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When the bicycle can choose to be shipped from EU countries, please choose to buy from China!
We will deliver bicycles from the EU for free, and the delivery time is about 7-15 days

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3. Bicycle warranty terms: frame and engine warranty: 365 days, battery warranty: 180 days. 95% of bicycles are pre-assembled when starting. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Product parameter

Motor: 800W brushless motor
Battery: 48V10/12.8A (according to the purchase configuration)
Speed: 0-45KM/h
Brakes: front and rear double disc brakes
Overall single battery about: 50KM
Maximum load: 180KG
Headlights: LED headlights + saddle taillights
Bell: electronic bell
Screen: LCD
Shimano transmission: 21-speed

◆The electric bicycle R3 uses a high-strength aluminum alloy frame. The battery is built into the frame, which not only saves space, but also makes the bike’s exterior design more attractive, while also ensuring safety and durability. This area has switches, lights, horns, indicator lights and speed buttons. Even if you haven’t ridden an electric bike before, you can learn all the functions quickly. R3 is foldable and portable. You can ride a bicycle to watch the game, or you can avoid traffic jams and reach your destination quickly. Running with friends or family is another way to enjoy the holiday.

◆The electric bicycle R3 is equipped with a dual-disc power-off system. When you brake, the electric bicycle will cut off the power and trigger the braking system. Let the electric bicycle stop quickly to ensure driving safety.

Free gifts: 1. Cross beam backpack 2. USB mobile phone holder 3. Pump 4. Tools 5. Headlight 6. Luggage rack (some items have been installed on the electric bicycle).

R3 electric mountain bike

100km Dual battery life

Long battery life, travel with confidence

Strong and unstoppable

Strong power to climb 30° slopes easily,
saving electricity and labor during daily riding,
making long-distance travel easier

Three modes

Manpower model
Ride an electric bike directly

Power-assisted model
Riding and electric drive work together to save electricity

Electric mode
Full electric drive for electric bicycles

800W High-speed motor

800W high-power motor, high torque
and high power, strong climbing 30°

Aluminum alloy frame

Using high-density aluminum alloy,
corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant

high strength
Load 180KG

Stability controller

Vector control system, high-speed and
precise control of energy output

48V10Ah Built-in hidden battery

Portable and detachable,
charge anywhere

large lcd screen

Shimano 21-speed transmission

Double disc brake EBS brake power off

Double EBS brake system,
with brake power-off function, safer riding

Comfortable double shock absorption

Greatly buffer the bicycle vibration and
ride comfortably

Products Show

description &FEATUres

Frame: Aluminum alloy
Fork: Aluminum alloy fork
Battery: 48V10ah ternary lithium battery
Speed: 21
Motor: 800W high-speed brushless motor
Display: Smart meter
Controller: Smart vector controller
Brake: double disc brake + EBS
Bottom shaft: seal
Maximum load: 180 kg
Wheel hub: spoke wheel
Charging time: 4-6 hours
Maximum climbing angle: 30°
Weight: 28 kg

Additional information

Brand Name









> 500w



Power Supply

Lithium Battery

Wheel Size


Max Speed




Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy

Range per Power

31 – 60 km

Rated Passenger Capacity

Two Seat


Luxury Type

Model Number



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